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Build, sell, furnish homes and commercial properties can reserve great satisfaction, but complications are always ready to come out.

Norman Interior supports, with "House Solving", construction companies and real estate, to create a property, carefully, drawn on the real needs of the customer, faster than any others, with quality and without wasting money.

From the first project of the construction site, our team assists companies in the management of the customer, in order to translate his desires into concrete and operative indications. Our team will be the single point of contact between the company and the final customer. The realization of render, facilitates a realistic vision of the finished project, giving the customer a great and complete vision, which will leave the customer with no doubts and second thoughts during construction. The construction of “Sample Houses”, was enthusiastically welcomed by real estate companies. These houses samples, have been designed, decorated and set up by our professionals to show to the potential buyer in a real way, the final work.

The House Solving raises the company from the management of the arrangement of planks, plant engineering, extra terms costs, variations during construction and it can offer to the customer, a finished studio with interior and relative processing render. House solving will speed up the time by minimizing the number of interference and it will create a documented trail of every agreement and request , to ensure both parties the necessary transparency to prevent and resolve any misunderstanding.

Thanks to the flexibility of the house Solving strategy, and the related benefits that it offers, we have earned a solid experience in commercial and civil building in Italy and abroad.


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