Who we are

Norman Interior Design,  was founded in 1996 as a specialist on Tailor-made furnishings. That date marks a generational shift, renewing a structure with three decades of experience in the craft sector.

Thanks to our experience, Norman Interior Design, has always payed attention to changes... Trends, Needs, Technologies.

After years of hard work, today, Norman Interior Design, offers to his customers, artisan quality and a dynamic organization.

Why choose Norman Interior Design

Always by your side

Right from the project’s basics, to the final result: we work step by step with you! We want to be there for you helping you, suggesting you, showing innovative solutions, in order to prevent any problems. 

Direct contact

No intermediaries: from the first contact to the deed, you will deal just with one person in order to forget about critical management, loss of times, and misunderstandings. 

Optimized time

We are faster than any others because our goal is to reduce interferences such as, setbacks, changes, site visits etc… Sell better, sell quality, sell more!